Joking in front of 'Pepijn' theater, during the intermission of a Sunday afternoon concert, somewhere in the eighties. From left to right: Me, Ack van Rooyen, Ferdinand Povel, Rob Madna, Eric Ineke and Victor Kaihatu.

Barry and Kuno playing together in the piano room at my home in The Hague.


Alex Milo in his element.


Barry's improvisation class in The Hague.


Attending the piano class. From left to right: Andrea, Nicolas, David, Diego, Barry,
Howard, Luciano, Corrina. Big Al (from San Diego) is partly hidden behind Pasquale's hair.


Fer (Povel) and John (Marshall) in Dordrecht


Doug (Sides), John and me in Dordrecht


The trio with Victor Kaihatu and Ruud Pronk. During this session we recorded
What Is This Thing Called Love.